Trying to  b r e a k  the  chains  but the  c h a i n s  only  break  me

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我们并不完美  但谢谢你们把完美的爱给了我们

we are imperfect, but thank you for loving us so perfectly

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"I made a commitment that I wouldn’t let it slow me down, and so when that moment comes for you in your own circumstance in your own life, promise me one thing… don’t you ever, ever let it slow you down, cause I believe in you, and i wanna thank all of you for believing in me, even when I had trouble believing in myself. So for that I say thank you.” 
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"Do things because you believe in them and because they make you happy, not for some ulterior motive" - Joe Jonas

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140629 EXO CKG Airport appearance — S e h u n

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TAO ver x INSTA 

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